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Distance learning, interrupted lessons, limited teacher time and overloaded family schedules are making learning more challenging than ever. I'm here to help.

My tutoring work is based on more than 20 years experience as a math and science teacher, professional writer, private tutor and school principal. Tutoring is now my full-time focus.

My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Biology, studies in Engineering, current teacher and school administrator credentials, and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction (very useful!) 

My personalized tutoring services are built on communication and focused evaluations to identify your key challenges quickly and completely. Together, we work to build your knowledge, your confidence, and your results. 




Foundational Math Skills




Introductory Sciences




Earth Science

Ecology and Climate Change

Distance Learning Support

Study Skills & Organization

ADHD Engagement

Autism Learning Support

Executive Functioning

IEP Support

Adult Learning

GED Practice

Academic Levels

Elementary Grades 3 & Up

Middle School

High School


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What Satisfied Parents and Students are Saying

Knowledgeable & Patient

“Terry has been helping my son with high school geometry for the past month. He has been wonderful to work with as a parent - easy to communicate with and arrange appointment times.

My son reports that Terry explains things in a way he can understand.

He's encouraging and patient.

We would both recommend Terry  to other students.”

- Maureen

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